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February 1 / Photography

OK, so this isn’t a gate, and it isn’t so much being crashed as crushed, but I stand by my title. This metal fence was bent by a large branch that…

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January 29 / Photography

I like to live within walking distance of photogenic areas. Until a few years ago, we used to live adjacent to Oldbury Court, but these days we live near Troopers Hill…

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January 23 / Photography

I saw this 1968 Volvo Amazon (also known as a Volvo 120) parked up in Bristol the other day. I’m not a classic car buff it was so shiny and…

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January 21 / Photography

It’s been cold and frosty in Bristol for the past few days. We’ve also been spoiled with bright, sunny weather and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The other day on my…

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December 28 / Photography

Daguerrotypes are an old type of photograph which were produced on a silver-coated copper plate, giving a mirror-like finish. True daguerrotypes need unpleasant chemicals but I tried to find a different technique…

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November 21 / Photography

This is a used Philips PF1 flashbulb. It used contain magnesium wool – now it contains magnesium oxide splattered over the inside, and the glass has cracked with the heat of…

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November 16 / Photography

A few weeks ago I wrote about converting an old 116 format folding camera to accept 120 film, and using it to take (almost) 6×12 format panoramas. My modification with…

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November 8 / Photography
October 18 / Photography

Last week I visited some friends to take some photos of their new baby. I was distracted by their friendly cat, Daisy. She’s extremely friendly and wanted attention, so of…

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September 24 / Photography