1. Jennifer in Baltimore
    August 6

    Very useful! I’ve been trying to decide between the 645 series and the RB67. You’ve just settled it for me. The RB67 is going to be too heavy. Thanks!

    • August 6

      I’m glad it was useful to you. Both the 645 and the RB67 are wonderful cameras and you won’t regret buying either of them :)

  2. Raimundo
    August 24

    There was a Frasier episode featuring RB67 as Martin’s camera, but it was called the “Schmeerblatz 7XK”, the “blindingest, noisiest, 15-pound camera ever produced in the former Soviet Union.”

    • August 24

      Excellent! I haven’t seen that episode. Surely the noisiest and heaviest Soviet camera would be the Kiev 80 / Kiev 88? :)

      • Raimundo
        August 25

        No doubt – though I haven’t tested one!

  3. […] "Beast" is a Mamiya RB67 Pro-S 6x7cm medium format camera.  This is about as large and heavy as a medium format camera gets, clocking in at over 5 lbs for a standard lens […]

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