1. Stu
    January 9

    That’s pretty cool! Good work!

  2. Simmo
    January 10

    I like it! Much better use of your loft than we have – storage of boxes at the mo! And it’s something a bit different to the traditional train set set-up! (although you COULD have that as well, and link the track so that you can deliver your photos by rail to a different part of your house! You could also get food / snacks / drinks etc sent up to the loft via rail from the kitchen!) THINK ABOUT IT!!!

  3. […] year I wrote about the darkroom I had set up in my loft. Since then I’ve moved house, so I need to build the darkroom again. This time I have a […]

  4. Gilbert
    December 25


    This is awesome. Any issues with ventilation? How did you solve this or do you even need to worry about ventilation?



    • December 25

      I didn’t install any ventilation. Personally I never had a problem but I try to use low-odour chemicals and I take regular breaks and open the trapdoor for a bit.

      I moved house since the attic darkroom though. The new house has a proper room with running water and an extractor fan, although I don’t often use it because it’s too loud.


      • Gilbert
        December 26

        I’m working on setting up a detached room (10X10) from my house with a dark room. The only issue is that there is no running water. What chemicals do you use for developing black & white? I checked out your new set-up, looks great.

        • December 26

          I use Ilford Microphen for developing B&W film, and Ilford PQ for developing B&W paper. In use Ilford Ilfostop as my stop bath for everything, and Ilford Rapid Fixer for everything. It gets smelly if I use toner for my prints, or if I process C-41 colour film.

          If you haven’t got running water then you could get a large camping water carrier.

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