1. Stu
    December 17

    I used the Sigma 150-500 for a bit, very very impressive – especially when mounted on a nice smooth tripod, tracking moving subjects was close to perfect. There’s no way I paid £1000 for it, more like £600 (I picked it up at the Focus trade show)

    But then I realised I didn’t actually need it for the work I was doing and got rid. It cost me something like £40 for a month’s “rental” in the end, which was well worth it!

  2. Colin
    January 17

    It might be worth checking out, http://www.camerapricebuster.co.uk for the current street price, rather than the RRP, (for example, the 600mm canon is £7098.99 from Warehouseexpress rather than the 10k you quoted.)

    For anyone not taking lots of photographs at long range on a regular basis, I can recommend hiring them, places like calumet will do them at a reasonable price, especially if you’re local them, I used http://www.lensesforhire.co.uk/ over christmas to try out the 85L and the 35L, their terms are more than reasonable, the only downside is paying for the shipping..

  3. Dr.Gopinath
    March 9

    Because the author couldn’t focus on the moon the lens is bad? Of course its nowhere in the same league as the big name lenses. You need to have some skill to use these MF lenses and a sturdy tripod, usually 3 times the cost of the lens itself. I have one that I got from Amazon for $89 and got some pretty good pics with my Sony A390 in manual mode. Just patience and a few days of practice. Not just 2 shots and a blurred moon and then write off the lens as no good.

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