1. M. D. Vaden Redwoods & Fisheye
    November 8

    Just got a Tokina Fisheye with auto focus this week. Had my eye on the one you got as well, but figured to pass on manual focus. I may want to get one like yours just for the experience sometime. If I can get it used, should be able to sell for the same price. At least what you paid is not risky if you sell it.

    MDV / Oregon

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  3. kevin
    December 1

    Why would anyone want autofocus on a lens like this?
    Depth of field is so great, focus is almost irrelevant.
    Personally, I only use my Samyang (and most other lenses) on manual exposure anyway.
    It’s an incredible lens for the price.
    I must add, it’s a new toy, so I’m still learning.

    • Jonathan
      December 1

      You’re bang on the money, Kevin. Being a manual SLR user, this lens is fine by me. But I think for some, who are drawn in by marketing posters, lack of automatic features can be a showstopper.

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